Seminar "Citizenship: passport apartheid?" by prof. Kochenov & Davies


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17 sep. 2021 15:30 - 18:25

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Geniet in de Weerd
Weerdjesstraat 168
6811 JH Arnhem

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Fall back location Koepelkerk
Jansplein 60
6811 GD Arnhem

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15.30h  start presentations

Prof. Dimitry Kochenov (1979), is a thought leader in the concept of Citizenship. He is leading the Rule of Law research group at CEU Democracy Institute in Budapest and is teaching Global Citizenship at the Legal Studies department of the Central European University in Vienna, established by George Soros, and, in 2019, was relocated from Budapest under tremendous political pressure. To make an impact outside the ivory tower, prof Dimitry Kochenov advises governments, law firms, and international institutions on the subjects of his interest and writes op-eds, records podcasts, and gives interviews. In Holland prof. Kochenov is better known as the "Passport professor", due to his consultancy work on the so-called "red carpet citizenship schemes" and he has adopted the media title as a compliment.

People who make an effort in getting to know Dimitry better than some superficial news reports will discover an amazingly active and intelligent advocate of true accessible citizenship and universal egalitarian definitions in the relations between people and states. Primarily, he considers citizenship as a euphemism for passport apartheid. Eloquently, he sustains that preposition with numerous historical, social-economical and legal facts and arguments. His book Citizenship made it to the New York Review (pay wall) Among his most recent and provocative works on the subject is the article “Ending Passport Apartheid” in the International Journal of Constitutional Law (December 2020).

Prof. Gareth Davies is a former barrister in the UK and currently a professor in European Law at de Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He will start from the viewpoint of how citizenship fragments communities. But then he will focus on the question of mobility, as an element conditioned by citizenship: is mobility an answer to inequality? He argues that Prof. Kochenov’s ideas have a mobility bias, that they see citizenship to a large extent in terms of how it allows people to move, or hinders that movement. He will suggest that even if we arrive at a situation of utopian movement, that actually creates its own problems and inequalities. So, is citizenship truly causing inequality on its own, or is it more a symptom of deeper problematic dynamics in the global society?

The attendants are invited to share their thoughts and ideas on the subject. Although the presentations are in English, both professors are happy to switch to Dutch in taking and answering questions.

17.30h discussion with the audience

18.00h drinks and food 


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