For clients/ What do we do?

What do we do

You are new in the Netherlands and have applied for asylum. Maybe you came here to live and work. Or you have lived here for some time and are now facing some issues, for example about your asylum status. Maybe you are looking to invite family members to the Netherlands. We are also able to help you and your employer if you have a temporary work permit in the Netherlands.

Specialized in Immigration Law

The Netherlands Association of Specialized Immigration Attorneys (SVMA) can answer all your questions about legal advice on immigration. Our 140 members are all professionals within their own field of immigration law and help you as best they can with procedures, problems or questions. Due to the large amount of members with different specialties there is always an attorney who can help you with your specific question.

Extended knowledge bank

The SVMA was founded in 2009 and has become a real knowledge bank in the field of immigration law, which works to your advantage. If you are looking for an immigration attorney  through our association, you are sure to find the attorney you need. The members are continuously trained through the association's courses and workshops. The national and European immigration rules change regularly. The SVMA follows these changes closely and ensures that the members broaden their knowledge. 

Asylum law is only one part of immigration law. There are many other cases in which we can help you. Among others: 
- Family reunification 
- Long-term residency 
- Nationality law 
- Detention 
- Adoption 
- Children's Pardon

We are there to answer all your questions about the Dutch and European immigration laws. The SVMA works in close collaboration with national and international partners, such as the Dutch Association of Asylum Lawyers (VAJN).